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        Company Profile
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        Company Profile
        Company Profile

          Sino-Swed Tongkang Biotech Limited (Shenzhen) is founded since 2002, which is an innovative bio-technology company which inherits the most advanced medical value and concepts from Sweden.

          SSTK devotes itself to the research and development of assessment techniques and evaluation solution for critical illness. It works closely with global leading research institutions to transform the highly scientific achievements into practical industrial operation.

        World’s first cell cycle theory was established by SSTK, with quantitative assessment of thymidine kinase 1 (TK1) as a core marker for proliferation rate, provide solutions from tumor early risk prediction, tumor prognosis assessment, precise treatment of dynamic tracking to recurrence / metastasis risk assessment.

          After decade research and development in SSTK, we got patents and developed application standards in the area of cell proliferation with the invention of multiple detection methods for TK1, and we became the first approved clinical application of detection reagents and methods for TK1 worldwide. Application methods are incorporated into a number of expert consensus, application path and clinical guidelines. Our products had covered 90% of China's provinces and cities of high-end medical and health management agencies, and has entered the overseas market.

          SSTK continues the partnership with the internationally renowned biomedical and tumor biology research team, e.g. with the Nobel Review Agency - Karolinska Institute (www.ki.se), Sweden, established Sino-Swed Molecular Biomedical Research Institute together with Swedish experts and Chinese physicians. SSTK lead a number of major technology of medical transformation, to the realization of technological innovation and continuous iterative update based on the previous results from our global research team.

          SSTK has advanced manufacturing system for immuno-diagnostic reagents and medical equipment, and passed the ISO13485 international quality certification and the Chinese medical equipment quality management certification.

          Management layer of SSTK have wealthy experience in IVD area, led the group to the professional, standardized direction.

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