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        Research Programmes
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        Research Programmes

        SSTK has taken use of the unique advantage to promote the cooperation in the medical and biological field, and has promoted the following project since 2005;

        a. Sino-Swed Breast Cancer SIDA Research Project.

        b.Sino-Swed TK1 Pathology Research Project.

        c. Sino-Swed 8-OxO-dG Research Project

        Meanwhile, SSTK has been working with the following Sweden medical institutes;

         Karolinska Institutes; Uppsala BMCStockholm University;

        Also SSTK have been working with a couple of Chinese Medical institutes. Till now , SSTK has published more 10 pieces papers in SCI Journalsand more than 30 pieces papers upon TK1 clinical application in China.

        Since Year 2014; SSTK Co-worked with the China foundation for the promotion of health , launched a national-wide research project, "The Application and Research for Thymidine Kinase 1(TK1) early Tumor Risk Assessment Technology”’. Meanwhile SSTK proposed a new solution for the application of TK1 named “1+X”which is a Early tumor risk screening project, Since then SSTK has worked closely with several China medical institutes to expand the application of TK1 for different types of tumors and health screening ; which provide new concepts for the Heath Management and cancer prevention and control.

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