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        Other service
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        Other Service

        1. IgY Anti-boby Manufacturing Service

        IgY technology has become a popular option for the development of antibody immune reagent, which can be used for the development of life science and clinical kit, medicine and other research fields. With more than ten years of IgY antibody development experience, SSTK could provide professional IgY antibody manufacturing service for customers, including:  Ag Design,  antibody, Ab purification, Ab identification and obtain IgY antibody with high sensitivity and specificity.

        Comparing with IgG , IgY has the unique advantages as belows:

        A. Due to the wide phylogenetic distances , there is no cross serological reaction between IgY and mammalian immunoglobulin;


        B. IgY does not activate mammalian complement system, and will not combine rheumatoid factor or Fc receptor, then it could avoid false negative or false positive results in the immune test process;

        C. IgY has the feature of Heat-resistant, acid-resistant, and not activated in pasteurization and maintain a stable activity when the pH value is less than 3.

        D.High formation rate  of  special antibody

        2.Design service of polypeptide antigen

        Through the design of a sort of more specific polypeptide sequence antigen which is a more advanced antigen technology, IgY could greatly improve the sensitivity and anti-interference power of the Ab.

        3.Thymidine kinase 1 immunohistochemical staining

        SSTK could provide service for the thymidine kinase 1 immunohistochemical staining with the best Ab and Technology.

        4. Development of ECL kit based on high sensitivity chemiluminescence.

        With high sensitivity chemiluminescence and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA) technology , SSTK has provided customized research service for several customers in and outside China.

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