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        TK1 "1+X" conference sucessfully held in Fuzhou
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        TK1 "1+X" conference sucessfully held in Fuzhou


                               TK1 "1+X"  conference sucessfully held in Fuzhou

        Sponsored by the China health promotion foundation, the conference with theme "multi-center application of health management  technology in 2015" was successfully held in Fuzhou on 18th. April, 2015. as one of Key projects from China Health promotion foundation -"Thymidine Kinase (TK1) application in early tumor risk assessment in muti-healthcare center" , more than 200  specialists or doctors , scholars all over the country  who engaged in medical and health management scholars shared their experiences and minds in the conference. TK1, which has been  internationally recognized the marker of cell proliferation, has been further recognized for its value in earlier tumor risk assessment and prevention.

         Prof. Sven Skog, Prof. Ellen He , Prof. Shi Qunli  took exchanges with all the paticipants , the participants were very activice for asking all sort of questions, showing high enthusiasm for the application of TK1.

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