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        SSTKBIO actively presented in 10th China Health-Serive Congress.
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        SSTKBIO actively presented in 10th China Health-Serive Congress.
        SSTKBIO actively presented in 10th China Health-Serive Congress.


          On 17th September,the 10th China Health-Service Conference was held at Xi'an International Conference Centre. It was a gathering of players who had been working in the field of health management all over the nation. Around 3000 people from all over the country meeted at Xi'aimed to exchange the development of health services and health industry innovation, promote the development of health management in different regions.

          On the morning of the congress, Professor Liuxin Wu on behalf of the Chinese Medical Association Health Management sub-Association introduced the progress of the organization in recent years, and awarded Professor Shizhong Bai " Lifetime Achievement Award", also issued the letters of appointment to a few health management experts members. In addition, the conference also released the first health management magnize-"China health management".

          In order to inpsire more medical staffs in health management field having a good understanding of early tumor risk screening and corresponding technology; the Professor Wanghaidong from Huadong Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University gave speech with the title of  "New understanding the value of early tumor screening from the view of entire cancer management system " through satellite broadcasting.From the view of entire tumor management process, Professor Wang introdced the TK1 values in tumor risk screening, assessment of therapeutic effect, recurrence and prognosis evaluation,also with particular emphasis on the applicaiton in early tumor risk the screening. Though the satellite meeting near the lunch ime, nearly 1000 people came to the hall in advance to listen the speech.

          SSTKbio took the satellite broadcasting for a global live broadcasting,which could widely expand the speech transmitting. this new trial received a very good feedback for all the listeners, and which is benefitial for the SSTKbio brand-improving.


        Beside the satellite meeting, also the booth of SSTKbio attract lots of visitors ,many visitors showed great interest for SSTKbio's high technology products.

          We strongly believe that with the good assistance of China Medical Association Health management sub-association, with the good supports of numbers of doctors , SSTKbio TK1 test will play more effective role in the early tumor risk screening.

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