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        About us

        About our company

        Wenzhou Ridian Electrical Appliance CO.,LTD.established in year 1990,is one of earliest manufacturers specialized in designing,producing,selling of men's electrical shaver.With more than 15 years experience on men's shaver,our products are much more advanced than our competitor's whatever in the externality, design quality ,service.The items are highly welcomed by thecustomers both at the domestic and overseas market.The products are far sold to our mainland and export to European countries ,Canada ,U.S.A ,Germany, Russia etc.

              In 2000.our company addressed to new workshop,covers the area more than 3,000 square meters,with nearly 200 staff,out put up to 3000 sets per day."Quality is the base,credit-worthiness first",in the meantime to extend the production scale,we improved the management to emphasize on the quality,We already passed ISO9001-2000 international Quality System,and require the workers inspect the items before-during-after the poducing,and make sure no unqualified product output.Walso gained CE,RoHS,GS,UL certification to meet for the overseas market.

             In order to improve what we have already achieved,Ridian developing kinds of women's coametic shaver ,nail polisher and other electrical equipmentthat are also in great demand.Welcome to contact us , thanks for visiting I


        We are gained CE,RoHS,GS,UL certification to meet for the overseas market.